Lexicon Language Institute
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Established in 2017, Lexicon Language Institute was founded with a sole purpose of creating a “Utopia” like education centre for both students and teaching staff. We are a professional multi-language centre located in Kuala Lumpur, offering the highest efficiency in learning new languages. We cater flexible language courses to meet different learning goals for students of all ages.
Why We Are Different
We at Lexicon Language Institute provide quality language teaching
and are fully dedicated to developing learners’ language skills.
Incomparable Quality
Excellent teachers with strong professional backgrounds and experience.
Professional Certificate
A six-month membership pass for covering all your classes, affordable costs, free speaking clubs and events.
Carefully designed courses
Integration of skills such as reading/writing, listening/speaking, or reading/speaking.
What Our Students Say
  • Studying English and being like a native speaker in Malaysia is not easy. However, you can have lovely teachers and good friends here. Compete with them and unlock new world you have not experienced before.
    by Shogo Kuribayashi, Japan
  • I met a lot of foreign friends and teachers when I was studying in Malaysia. One of the lovely teachers Mehrnaz gave me good influence to study English. I like her personality, passion and teaching! If you meet her, I believe you will also like her. She always try to understand students’ feelings and cultures. You can get a good opportunity here, definitely!
    by Mayuko, Japan
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Covid-19 Announcement
by admin | March 17, 2020 | News & Events
Covid-19 Announcement
New Intake February 2020
by admin | January 27, 2020 | News & Events
New Intake February 2020
English Newspaper In Education (ENIE) Club
by admin | January 27, 2020 | News & Events
English Newspaper In Education (ENIE) Club