Help your child prepare for their upcoming exam with our exam prep classes.

Our classes can help them prepare for the exam by helping them to

  • acquire the needed vocabulary
  • get familiar with the question types
  • form strategies for managing their time and energy

In order to track progress, teachers will assign mock tests as a form of ongoing assessment.

How many hours do I need to get X score?

There is usually some time pressure for exam prep classes. When parents or the learners themselves approach us, the test date is only a few weeks away.

In this case, the earlier the better. The earlier you come to us, the better we can support the learner’s abilities in their pursuit of a higher score.

Once we have assessed the learner’s current level, we’ll be able help them form a realistic test-taking strategy. We offer FREE IELTS placement tests to assess your current level.

Is this a free class?

No, this is a paid class. We do not currently offer free classes.

I saw something about a free class.

English Club is a weekly conversation class that is free for our learners. You must be an existing customer to attend English Club.

How much does it cost?

Fill out the form below to get price info.

Should I take 1-to-1 or group classes?

Group classes offer learners more chances for practice.It is recommended that you sign up for group classes.

If you want to build some confidence first, you could sign up for a month of 1-to-1 classes and then a month of group classes after that.

Got a month to improve your English?

Intensive class is a special, 4-week, 5 session/week group class that is designed to improve your English quickly.

To show your interest in intensive exam prep classes, in the form below

  1. Select “Group classes” under GROUP OR 1-TO-1 CLASSES
  2. Select “5 sessions/week” under HOW MANY SESSIONS PER WEEK
Were you looking for something else?

Want a course that focuses on writing and reading as well as speaking and listening? Check out our General English class.

Want to focus on speaking and listening outside of the business environment? Try our English Conversation classes. The classes focus on improving English speaking and listening fluency and help you improve your conversation skills.

For pricing info, contact us
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